Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Buy Good Nursing Bras

Buy good nursing bras. For one thing, you have the biggest boobs you'll ever have, so what better time to get a sexy bra? And yes, they do make pretty nursing bras. For another, making a little bit of an investment is a good way to commit to nursing. Maybe that sounds a little weird, but for me, spending a couple hundred dollars on bras is something not to be wasted (for instance by wimping out and weaning early). Finally, I think that my nursing bra shopping trip was the first outing we made after coming home from the hospital. It's a good excuse to get out, since you have to go about a week after your milk comes in so you can be fitted properly. And pretty much any store that sells nursing bras will LOVE to see an adorable newborn come through the door.

P.S. While I still really do want to keep up this blog, the month and half hiatus since my last post does not bode well. We'll see...

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