Monday, June 23, 2008

The Excitement of Finger Foods

So do all babies choke when they eat their first non-pureed solid food? When my little man first started with his Little Puffs (rice puffs that dissolve easier than cheerios), there was a decent amount of choking and gagging involved. He'd get a piece of something stuck on the back of his tongue and gag until the item (and probably some other stuff in his stomach) came out. He's getting much better at mashing stuff up with his gums and front teeth now, and I haven't seen him gag in quite a while. However, I am still pretty nervous about finger foods, even though he seems to have a real interest in them.

So did your baby choke and gag when he/she first started finger foods?

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teri said...

Lilly was a big choker/gagger....but she also had (& still has) a habit of stuffing WAY too much in her mouth at a time. I think it's pretty normal, they have to do a little of that to learn how to eat like a big person. Tyson has had an easier time with finger food. He pretty much decided pureed food was yucky by 8 months. I started with soft fruit and veggies (bananna chunks, avocado, squash chunks) cut REALLY tiny, even before cherrios. Sometimes I mixed the chunks into his baby food. Charlie will get the hang of it and will soon be a Cherrio pro :)