Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pregnancy Survival Kit

If you're looking for a good gift for someone you know who just found out she is pregnant, these are my recommendations.
  1. The Pregnancy Journal
  2. For her husband: The Baby Owner's Manual
  3. Thank you notes (for all the baby gifts she'll soon start to receive)
  4. A HUGE bottle of Tums, preferably also with a to-go case so they are always at hand
  5. Belly oil (I used this)
  6. A Bella Band (for the awkward time between when your old clothes don't fit and maternity clothes still seem tent-sized)
  7. Dark chocolate (which is definitely good for pregnant moms, if not physically, then mentally)
  8. Good non-alcoholic soda (for moms who will miss their beer/wine/cocktails)
  9. A great baby name book (such as The Baby Name Wizard) and/or a good funny baby name book (any book with 50,000+ names - buy it used)
  10. A good big water bottle (drinking LOTS of water is very important!)
All of these items were much appreciated in my house during my pregnancy. Let me know if I missed your favorite!

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